BURSARY (16-19)

Children in Care (CIC) can get a bursary of up to £1200 per academic year to help with education-related costs if they’re aged 16 to 19 and:

  • studying at a publicly funded school or college in England – not a university
  • on a training course, including unpaid work experience

If they’re 19 and over

They can also get a bursary if they are either:

What THE bursary is for

The bursary is money that a child in care, their education or training provider, can use to pay for things like:

  • clothing, books and other equipment for their course
  • transport and lunch on days they study or train

For further information and to find out if they are eligible for a bursary, please select one of the links below. 


Children in care must:

  • be at least 16 and under 19 on 31 August of the year they are applying.
  • study at a publicly funded school or college, or be on an unpaid training course
  • meet the residency requirements – their school or college can check this
  • they’re in or recently left local authority care

 For further guidance, please select one of the following links.

16-19 Bursary Fund  |  Eligibility How to claim